*me switching from computer science to electrical engineering for masters*


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    Lowkey J
    *Laughs in lack of career options*
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    Lol, relatable XD
    Last time I had one of my acquaintances (who was not very bright) bring a broken toy plasma ball to me for repair. Found that it was just a stupid resistor that got loose, just soldered that back in. At least she paid me some money for it :')
    Other times it's more fun though, people at times bring in nice electronics to salvage stuff from. Like some kind of 100W single-phase AC motor from a bread baking machine. Not too powerful for its size compared to universal motors (800W in the palm of your hand, incredible!) but they're silent! And really robust too, gonna be a long time before that one fails.
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    good luck!
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    If only I could find that job posting, I saw on linkedin a company wants Software Engineer for these tasks:
    1. Fix printers in the office
    2. Setup servers and install windows
    3. Setup computers and install windows
    4. Good in handling helpdesk tasks

    Not sure which is wrong, title or job description T_T
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    be careful, worst thing you could touch until now was 12V DC, now voltage starts at 110V AC at best case :D watch your fingers :D
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    @KorDarei always gotta wear safety gloves when working with live equipment, and be sure that /dev/brain is present, without the symlink to /dev/booze :P
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    @RememberMe I @ceee what you did there!
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