At work, we have a lot of daytime spenders (they just hang around so they do not sit at home all day).
I'm the only one in the entire company with somewhat decent programming experience (and I have to admit that I'm still pretty bad at it).

A few (4) of them have been assigned to one of the biggest projects (potentially even bigger than the one I work on daily) the company has ever had.

here is the fun part:
- 2 of them only just started coding and have no clue what they are doing at all (they heavily struggle with HTML).
- 1 of them overengineers everything (in a bad way) because she doesn't know how to do it somewhat properly.
- 1 of them doesn't even code (only sitting there giving ideas n stuff... basically the "client").

As a bonus point:
- None of them knows how to database
- None of them knows how to back-end
- None of them knows how to design

This is going to be fun, especially since I'm going to refuse to have my hands in there even the slighest outside of recommending stuff (like using a framework, certain libraries etc.) :^)

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    Asides from the third person, how did the rest got in your company? Assigning what seems to be 2 juniors for developing what also seems to be a monumental project is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    @monzrmango Well, to be fair, we are more like an adult daycare than an actual IT company.
    all that work on the project are there for daytime spending as well (the "client" is the boss' daughter).
    In The Netherlands, you can get alimony which has a whole bunch of rules and regulations with it which requires some people (depending on a lot of rules and regulations) to do mandatory daytime spending, so some of them end up where I work (some of them searching for work, others... not).
    I actually got there for daytime spending myself too (though I did not have alimony) since I was 15 and officially still had to go to school, however, the boss saw my potential and hired me.

    We have a grand total of 1 "senior" (though in normal companies, I'd probably a medior), 0 mediors and 25 juniors (22 of whom do nothing at all, but they don't get any projects either because of it).

    The project basically has 3 juniors without medior or senior supervising them :p
    And I forbid myself of intervening :^)
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