my professor expects a full copyright documentation as well as pre post return and other conditions on top of every function in our entire project and she gave us a week to do it. Note that this is in rails. Please help me.

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    Rails is fine.
    Excessive commentation is not.
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    Use a documentation generator?
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    @RememberMe not allowed. Has to fit this format exactly. For every file and function.
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    @Root I have nothing against rails. Just trying to point out that the codebase isn't small.
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    @Techno-Wizard make a documentation generator? Some simple parsing, just read the function signature.

    You could have it stop at every function and throw up a dialog box that'll allow you to enter descriptions of all parsed args and stuff.
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    @RememberMe if I wasn't under such a time crunch I would have, but I didn't have time to put together something like that with the 2 days I had left once I finally got to the code.
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    Why do professors never have any goddamn real-world experience? They teach shit. Metaphorical useless shit that only hurts students' abilities to do something fucking useful after surviving college.

    If someone committed code like this, I would yell at them. There is absolutely zero reason to describe the bloody obvious in excruciating detail.

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    That's just useless clutter that is considered bad style
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    @Root Nearly every module I have ever done at University has been 20% relevant and 80% useless shit.
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    @SoulSkrix basically. The pre and post condition is so pointless unless there's a nonobvious exception
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