FX [ Change ISP... ]

"We'll send you a new router before the change over!"

Nothing in the post today..

Changeover is tomorrow..

So, its going to arrive tomorrow then.. ?

(Password/etc. is in the box with the new router..)

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    Plot twist - router doesn't get delivered but then you hear a weird noise and discover the router has been changed.

    ... and the password is plastered all over the walls in luminescent color written in creepy graffiti color.
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    The fun part of course is when you ring up and ask for your password and they say they will email you it to your email address at your new ISP..
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    Of course, in my case things are more complicated than that, as I don't actually want to change the router !

    But I've yet to change the router to the one I want to use..

    I just don't want to use their router.

    But I'll need to use their router to go online to find out how to configure the router I do have that I want to use.

    As their's is several generations out of date, but its free, and should get me online at least.
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    I'm reminded of the first router I ever got, it came without any firmware and I had to wait 3 months before it was written to flash it and use it !
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    I moved to a lucky spot, so perhaps it will arrive tomorrow !

    Now, if this lucky spot could just magic up a suitable woman for me..

    I guess luck only stretches so far !

    Maybe I have to stand on the lucky spot on the lucky island..

    I wonder where it is..

    What methods might one use to locate such ?


    > Be Lucky Now! (AKA The Luck Virus)

    I guess it could be a virus..

    Related link:


    For some reason I wasn't lucky enough to find a YouTube link..
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    @Nanos sounds like you've had some bad luck.

    (sorry - had to rewrite an repost due to that utter failure of autocorrect that I hadn't even noticed at first... could say your bad luck rubbed off on me :D )
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    I have in the past worried it might be infectious..

    Was the reason why I stopped spending time with my best friend at school, as I was worried my bad luck might effect them.

    I see now via google that they are living a good life.

    But I do worry about contacting them..

    I know that sounds a tad unscientific, but, it just seems like it a bit.

    FX [ Counts number of alive friends.. notices many are dead.. ]

    One of the areas I research is luck..

    Which also means I study unluckiness too !

    Fits with free will, instincts, evolution, and Schrödinger's Cat..
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