Gonna do a creative looking e-commerce art gallery website. Cant choose between React and Angular 7. Help?

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    Whichever you’re most comfortable with
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    Damn, Angular is at 7?!
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    Ehem.. Vue?

    Sorry, I'll show myself out...
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    @asgs they dont have to worry about compatibility so they can progress fast
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    Fiddle around a bit with both - throw some test ideas and get a very basic feel for both. The one giving you the least headache is the one you go for.
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    @asgs Angular 8 is released in no more than 3 weeks.
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    Angular. Just because it's Typescript. Typescript makes life so much easier.
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    Do the start up tutorial for both. If you like reacts “JavaScript heavy” approach that puts the responsibility of structure heavily on you then go with it. If you like angulars more put together out the box, typescript driven feel then go with it. But if you like something that’s perfectly in between and half the complexity of these two, use VUE. It’s changing the game without a doubt
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