My employer found out that I used to do WordPress development. Now I have to setup and maintain the company blog, including custom theme and plugin development. And I don't get paid extra to do this shit.

On the plus side, it might give me better visibility within the office as the blog would be written by VP, directors and other senior folks. I'll have more interaction with them.

I'm curious to see how this goes.

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    Put in as much effort as you're getting paid for it ... pump it all in... all of it.

    ...oh, you're not getting paid for it? Well then there's your ammount of effort to put in.
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    It depends on how cool they are.

    I was in the same situation with a CEO, whom was a cool guy, and it definitely helped in my situation.

    Working with wordpress might sound shameful, but maintaining the blog of a company might not take too much time.
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