I’ve thought it over a lot lately and I’m not sure if I see any purpose to Wordpress and drupal any more with the introduction of headless CMSs (cms with a detachable backend allowing for a devs choice in front end consumption) . They have plugins, Seo grading, analytics, etc. with the two big players ( drupal and Wordpress) I find myself building out my site according to their template’s standards. Pretty soon you become a Wordpress or drup templating expert instead of a front end expert because modern front end architectures not on these old CMS’s agendas. Rather it’s a js spa front end or plain html with jquery or a http client, devs working with CMSs need to work in an environment that keeps them current with front end standards and backend consumption. On top of that being my primary reason, from a business point of view this allows for all of the conveniences of separating front end and backend code bases (also the headless CMSs allow for use with front end as one codebase by utilizing proxies). You can then separate priorities by team or individuals more particularly. You can outsource work on your front end/backend according to priority. You can scale each one according to its needs and most importantly. Your front end can be entirely replaced in the future when your front end base has met its expiration for whatever reasons that might be. That alone might be the most important factor in this argument. I’m convinced headless CMSs are the future of agency work and many other approaches.

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