As a new developer entering the work place what are the top five do and donts?

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    don't be a little bitch
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    Start learning and start coding.

    Everything else is not so important
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    @norman70688 i second this, stand your ground, even as a newbie. But don’t be the fucker that goes crying to the project manager for every little thing
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    make your bossed happy assuming they're not pieces of shit
    criticize no one (while you're new)
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    If you go to the toilet on your first day and can't figure out how to flush it, don't just leave without flushing. Or at least make sure no one knows it was you, unlike in one legendary story that was posted here.
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    Don't take shit from management, or they'll walk all over you forever.

    Don't sleep with the boss's son/daughter.

    Don't tell the boss they're an idiot, even when it's true.

    Don't work too hard; if you give 100%, they'll expect 100%+ every single day, and 130% by the second month.

    Wait two months before drastically changing anything, even for the better; people hate being wrong, and hate being shown up by the newbie even more.
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    think before you do something

    Do what is asked, and if you see things that can be improved/(synergies/combining/simplifying) with little effort convince your supiriors that you'd like to do that. By showing their benefit of that. Back this up by numbers. "with this measure we will increase efficiency by 15% in 3 Months which will result in increased sales revenue by 20%"

    educate yourself in people and management techniques. (like selling ideas)
    Show interest in how the business works, it will help you to better understand on how to implement business goals in your job.
    Learn what Service Design is, it's the future of Business.

    But mostly put thought into what you do and know the "why" and "how".
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    don't take your work too seriously and don't expect it to give you a sense of accomplishment/fulfilment.
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    I have a different advice. Do not rush into coding.

    Learn about the project, team, arch, tools used, processes, etc... And only then go for the code.
    I hate when newbies are running around like headless chicken. They always have to redo stuff bcz they did it w/o knowing a lot of metainfo.

    When I join a project, things a do first:
    - what's the project about
    - how does it work
    - what are the modules and what do they do
    - how to deploy
    - what tools are to be used
    - whats their codestyle aggreement
    - how to test/run locally
    - who should I talk to to clarify requirements
    - ...

    And only then get my hands on code
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    @electrineer Wait. Stop right there. Where can I read about this legend? I always flush before shitting to make sure it works.
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    @rutee07 i tried to search for it already but failed. It was a long time ago so it may well be deleted already. And what I said about it may not be correct either. Tell me if you find it!
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    @rutee07 no, although that is a good one too. I recall it was a much longer story, written quite well even. There have been quite a few rants about taking a dump, which doesn't help here. Sadly I mostly remember the pictures in my head and the feelings I had while reading it, rather than bits of the actual text.
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    @rutee07 I found this rant, in which @sladuled possibly refers to that story: https://devrant.com/rants/1359387/...

    Do you, @sladuled, by any chance remember something to help us in our search?

    At least we know it was at least a year ago.
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    @electrineer Hahaha yeah, I remember that one.. but cannot find it either..
    I also tried scrolling through my viewed rants, but gave up soooon... Maybe someone can hack devDb so we can query directly? Or even see soft deletes.. 🤔😇😇
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    @rutee07 Flush before shitting. Lol! I like the way you think.
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