Salesforce is like a great bridge with awesome design... But made of wood and aluminum, it tends to fail and doesn't present any good improve... Fuck you Salesforce and your fucking communities profiles and permissions!!!

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    Haha, the Salesforce crowd grows 🤣
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    @C0D4 if Salesforce devs and admins knew about this app I believe this would be a separate section just for that.
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    @ajfmo that's true, we are a minority in here.

    Although I don't have the pleasure of dealing with communities, salescloud and lightning drive me up the wall enough 😅
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    @C0D4 well... I'm willing to pay someone that helps me with some stuffs with community and permissions, also near future, put lightning components out with sites and lightning out... Know someone?
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    @ajfmo not for lightning out.

    I haven't even had to go down that rabbit hole yet and sadly I don't know any lightning devs, the SF devs I do know are all VF/Apex based.

    But it's not that dissimilar to Lighting Aura if memory serves me right.
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    @C0D4 well yes, in fact the term should be aura, it was lightning components before and now is aura since LWC arrived... So many things and perks, just to keep failing in deploy by a freaking permissions
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    I can't get our SF devs to try pushing permissions via ant package again after they screwed up prod once last year.

    Over a few years I've built up a personal library of Python scripts to affect their permissions changes via selenium. Saves me about 45 minutes per object compared to the old manual way our team wanted me to do it.

    Look at the rest of the SalesFarce deploy tools and tell me my way is a hack :-D
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    Ah, another poor sod joins us ;)

    Aura was their old JS framework though. I don't think the new LWC stuff is considered aura at all.

    Have you guys used DX alongside scratch orgs? That, in fairness, has been a massive leap forward for us. It gives you the ability to use a Git repo as your master rather than "some random org somewhere", which is really like a breath of fresh air. If packaging 2.0 ever comes out that'll be the complete picture, but for the moment DX on its own is a massive improvement to the old way.
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    @AlmondSauce yes I have! And fuck! It's a total turn around of the way of working, completely different way of working, I cant still get it tho, what is that shit about creating a repo, integrating Jenkins, I know is something that will help to get on the track on modern software development but wow, if they could just give a proper documentation... That would be very helpful... But no they expect that we come out with the ways of work with DX...

    The more I know you, the more I hate you Salesforce
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    @ajfmo Granted it still requires a lot of faffing around, but the difference is that *after* faffing around, DX actually allows you to sanely and safely work from a repo.

    I've got a whole bunch of scripts here there and everywhere to spin up new scratch orgs, install dependencies, assign permission sets, push to packaging orgs and manually hack around with XML to add post install scripts, etc. - which is a royal PITA. But when those initial scripts are in place, it then tends to work really well - which is a massive relief & improvement!
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    @AlmondSauce that's awesome and sound a lot interesting, do you think is it possible to you to do a post in a blog about it? I will certainly be very helpful... If you're willing to do it, I can fin the proper place to do so and help you.
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    @ajfmo Haven't got a great deal of time for that at the moment unfortunately - it's something I'd want to spend the time on to do a good job of it rather than rush it out. It's a nice idea though.
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    @AlmondSauce count with me if you need to... There's a webinar of LWC and I just registered... https://developer.salesforce.com/ev...
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