So here is an interesting story.

The company that I work went in collaboration with another company and as my company is a small startup we had only 2 employees. We had to do 2 different projects during the collaboration period.

I was put in-charge of an android application (At that time I had no experience of android development and it was one of their most important project without any guidance)

I was doing work of two companies and getting paid by one and I was getting shit from the company that we were collaborating with.

As a developer I value tasks and deadline but the company issued a new rule that I should stay in the office from 9-6 (strictly) which I didn't oppose. But the senior developers here stay strictly 9-6 but work only for about less 2 hours a day and get valued more.

I used to love working on weekends improving myself in the process but working over time is not valued by the company.

( BTW I completed their project in about 1.5 months )

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