Product Owner: "need this doing in 6 months, can you do?"
Me: "we're too busy to start another project at the moment - can you wait about 6 months for it to start, or I'll have to hire more devs"
PO: "I'll just outsource it"

36 months later the company he outsourced to is out of business and hasn't delivered, and I've had their half-finished shit show git repo dumped on me.
No comments, no docs, and no units tests, so no fucking idea what it's supposed to do

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    36 monts later... Thats too much time.

    PO: Hey do you remember the project that we decided to outsource about 3 years ago?
    You: No?
    PO: Doesn't matter. Its your project now.
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    The road to hell is paved with the lifeless bodies of incompetent managers who thought outsourcing was a good idea.
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    @teadrinker This comment should be a rant in itself. It's to good to be just a comment!
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    @Sunsette Why, thank you!
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