Looking for a ddos protected webhosting in Europe. Can you recommend something? Was looking at ovh.com but they require you to pay for whole year and I'm not ready to throw ~160EUR and hope for the best.

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    You should just host wherever you want, and then use cloudflare as your nameserver
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    @KasperNS they suck because it takes few seconds to redirect to the website. I own gaming server projects and this redirect delay really puts gamers off.
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    A few seconds?
    I use Cloudflare in front of a self hosted raspberry pi, It takes 40ms to connect.
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    @C0D4 For example: https://kissanime.ru/ You see it takes 5 seconds to check
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    @zemaitis that doesn't even load for me?
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    @zemaitis oh wow. This explains why it won't load for mez
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    @zemaitis ah you have it on full for the browser check - sorry needed to jump on vpn. i find medium is more then enough, if you are getting hit hard with ddos, you can always up it.
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    @C0D4 Oh so this browser check is not mandatory?
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    @zemaitis not on full. thats for when you're being hit hard. i have it on medium which only kicks in now and again for users instead of every visit.
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    You might want to look at this.


    You have a lot going on and there's a few things you can do to speed it up like your ad server call outs alone are costing you 1.5 seconds
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    I'm extremely experienced in hosting Garry's Mod servers who are notorious for having ddos attacks. I've used various hosts, and while I liked OVH for the price and customizability, NFO servers was the only one with reliable DDOS protection.

    They actually use mitigation in a way that when one server gets ddos'd, it spreads the attack across hundreds of servers so that collectively, it affects them all by <1%. It was amazing tech
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