Ladies and gentlemen... Can we please have a moment of silence for my PC which seems to be on her last legs...

CPU thermal throttling at 40 degrees celcius (CPU is on it's way out)
RAM is randomly having allocation errors
PSU isn't delivering optimal current
GPU only displays out of 2 DP ports

and for the very first time... Have had an SSD fail...

Pray for me people... Please

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    @irene having to wait before I have money to find a worthy replacement... For now she's going to be fighting till the end...

    She deserves a warriors death... On the battlefield
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    All those problems might very well be caused by the failing PSU, I would try it with a different one just to test that.
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    @TobiSGD already done, borrowed one off my friend and still experiencing the same issues :-(
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    Side note: trying to decide on a CPU but can't decide whether a ryzen 2700x is worth the extra $100 AUD over the 2700... Anyone got some recommendations?
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    @irene ok cool. Cheers!
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    @irene ok yep, so I will probably just overclock the 2700 to the 2700x speeds seeing I'll be using a fairly beefy AIO.

    Cheers for the help
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    RAM - memtestx86
    GPU - check for any signal out of the other ports via multimeter/logic tester (if the rails work it might be a different issue)
    PSU - yeah replace it
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    That's problem of whole PC might be PSU, but as long as it starts random errors everywhere, there is a big chance that you will need to say goodbye to your computer. It happened to me when I first bought computer with Core2Duo. I had to change almost everything because of random failures for a long time.
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    Small update: after some testing the GPU is actually fine, just needed to be reseated again
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    Replace the psu and revive that.
    One component can influence others. Check if that is the psu or the mobo. Both can influence each other.
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    @Gregozor2121 currently running on my mates spare PSU
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    Are you sure that your mobo isnt screwing with the psu?
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    @Gregozor2121 100% because I was just at a LAN with my friend and he has literally the same build as me and he has the exact same issues.

    We ordered at the same time so we are assuming we just got bad luck and had dodgy parts
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