Take this how you will:

"The more experienced a respondent is, the more likely they are to say blockchain technology is an irresponsible use of resources."

Old farts refusing to budge from their ways, or old farts knowing better?


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    I would say it depends on the usage and implementation.

    Bitcoin is a massive resource eater, so much that many less legal miner try to steal the electricity in order to make a profit.

    But the technology as such is powerful.

    The problem is the way the checksum is computed that is built on being very inefficient to promote competition and make fraud hard.

    But banks using the same do not need the same massive resources for the same task.
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    @irene but its the cause of many misconceptions about blockchain :)

    And I do know the difference.
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    @irene because the citation the original post mentioned is usually in reference to blockchain as used in bitcoin, not towards blockchain technology it self.
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    Blockchain can be used for several applications. However it's not a new technology. If you're considering only now it's likely that you are on the hype train. When you're on the hype train it's easy to get tunnel vision, a state where you do not consider alternatives but just what is in front of you. So blockchain is "nice" but always consider what you really want and what the alternatives are.
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