My recommendation for people who really want to learn Python as their main tool:

The serie 'Python 3: Deep dive (1,2,3)' is avaible on udemy and you will be taught about Python by a master of his kind. The teacher is also a mathematician, he really enjoys the beauty of python as a language and I have the feeling that he wants to inspire me to love the language, too.

In about 120 hours of learning material you will not learn about frameworks in order to earn quick money but the core features of the language and how things work behind the curtain.

Many courses of udemy may be trash but these are really treasures for uni students like me.


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    Absolutley greate recommendation bro! I am gonna use this with my retarded coworkers.

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    120 hours of lectures. At one hour a day, that’s 120 days.

    You don’t need 120 days to learn python 😓
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    @toriyuno you also don't code 1 hour a day :P as a beginner like me who codes very much (about 4 hours theory and 4 hours pratice a day) I would finish the course in like 2 weeks (I know I don't have a life)
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    @AI-Overlord that’s why I said 1 hour of lecture a day. 120 hours of lectures is just excessive
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