Experienced devs: Have you tried working with a mechanical (and/or custom) keyboard? Has it changed anything? Would it be worth investing in?

This question has been bouncing around my mind for a bit. Please let me know if I've accidentally copied the same question from someone else.

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    I haven't bothered.

    Mechanical keyboards are all the rage at the moment, but it's something of a fad IMHO. They're nice, sure, but are they 5-10 times as nice as a normal keyboard (reflecting the price)? Do they increase productivity in a meaningful way? Can you type meaningfully faster on one (not just a few wpm?)

    For me at least, the answer to all those questions is "no", so I really can't see the attraction. I get that's not the case for everyone, and for some they really do help, but I can't help but think most people purchase them for the trendiness and the obnoxious clicky sounds!
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    I have a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches at home, works really nice, but is loud.
    My boss was so kind to replace my old Dell-branded cheap keyboard at work with a keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, they are pretty silent and I definitely type faster on that new keyboard. So, if the money isn't a factor for you (proper mechanical keyboards are about 60€ here, about 120€ if you want something backlit) then just try it.
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    Yes, it's worth it.

    And it's not about typing faster, it's about typing reliably.

    And let's be honest, the keyboard is the main tool of a developer, used the whole day long, so why grapple with a crappy one.
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    I type with less errors on my laptop thab on my mechanical keyboard. I guess I like low height keys more.
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    Believing that mechanical keyboards are not here to stay is ignorant! They are superior in every way; Comfort, responsiveness, build quality and aesthetic. And guess what? You can get keys that ARENT the CLICKITY CLACK CLACK and still have a hugeee e-peen
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    PSA my farts are louder than my MX brown keys + rubber o-rings
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    Oh wow, thanks for all the answers everyone!
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    For me it just makes typing feel nicer with a mechanical compared to a normal one (I've got Cherry Brown so they aren't very loud)
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    I think it’s a matter of finding what works for you, wrong keyboard is wrong keyboard with or without membrane. At work when my bosses downgraded the normal one to the mac, I had wrist pain almost for a month due the low profile and my accuracy went to trash. Decided to get a mechanical, with the characteristics that I like in a keyboard and it feels like heaven :) plus the fact that you can customize almost everything on it makes the experience very personalized.
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