The hell windows why are you so broken

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    At least you have some error code. I recently did fresh install, got asked to setup PIN code (no option to opt out) and then after welcome screen while doing stuff my PC froze (it is old). Upon rebooting I've got lockscreen that had no password prompt. I could use other features of lockscreen except inputing password.

    None of Google solutions worked (some of those told to login, WTF!) and I had to reinstall system, then remove PIN ASAP once I've got in first time (does not ask for password/pin after welcome screen).
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    Well I currently have to turn my PC on, then off and on again else it gets hung at trying to login endlessly... Seems pretty stable to me
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    Eh, it could have gotten corrupted or something. Except for the ridiculously cryptic error message, for which I hate every single employee in Microsoft, it's not that unreasonable.
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