So while I was being bored af in my school I had a freaking cool idea. The previous day I had tried out this thing: https://parsecgaming.com
It was pretty cool, I used my gaming PC as the host machine, and my android as a client, but the touch screen, meh....

So I have bought a USBc to USB 3.0 on ebay. Is USB keyboard+mouse plug n play on android?

Anyways, I'm gonna fucking game PC games on my phone in school and Its gonna be fcking cool.

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    Plug and play support depends on the phone.

    I'd be more concerned about the latency.
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    The feature in Android is called OTG (USB on the go) if that is supported your mouse and keyboard should work
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    Keyboard works at least, mouse support might has been disabled by the vendor.
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    Fuck yesss, experiment was successfull, fully functional, no latency(or really low) on a school computer. My school has Gigabit internet.
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