*wants to download some YouTube videos in youtube-dl*

$ youtube-dl --a-bunch-of-options
> Can't download this, sorry.
*realizes that Ubuntu probably has an outdated version like usual*

# apt remove youtube-dl
*Realizes that this steaming pile of shit pulled in some icons and Wayland on a headless server*
# apt autoremove
> 300-something MB cleared
For a command-line tool...

# pip install youtube-dl
# apt install ffmpeg

$ youtube-dl --audio-format mp3 -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" https://youtube.com/playlist/...
> Sorry mate, a video was removed from this playlist! Let me go ahead and shit the bed on this issue that's been reported several times since 6 years ago.

*finds an issue on GitHub reporting this, add -i option to continue on error*

$ youtube-dl --audio-format mp3 -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" https://youtube.com/playlist/... -i
> There you go, your .webm files as requested!
But.. I requested .mp3 output? --audio-format mp3, don't you see?
> Oh no you need to add in another option to tell me to actually do that first. --extract-audio, you see?
But why.. why do you need to be told that twice? Oh ffs, fuck it.

Reminds me of robocopy. That shit required me to tell it 25 times what to do and it'd still not do it right as well. And you know what, compared to rsync where -avz works 99% of the time, I hate it.

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    @irene well silently ignoring args ist very unprofessional.

    I'd notify the user that some options will get ignored or even error out telling him that this combination of args is invalid.
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    DOS'/Windows' xcopy is my copy tool of choice. Windows' default copy command is a close second, but xcopy is more powerful.

    Shame no one can figure out the copy/rename/delete filename logic DOS/Windows has. I'd kill to be able to do something like "rename arm-* *" in Linux and have it not tell me something about Perl. A "cp" or "mv" errors out because they can't handle that OR does nothing to change the names.
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    Here's my rather painless command:
    youtube-dl --add-metadata -xic -o "~/Music/%(title)s.%(ext)s" url

    edit: might just wanna add that -w as well
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    I think youtube-dl's real mistake was accepting support for porn sites.
    Their issues and pull requests are now full of horny non-devs going "hi plz add support for hentai.bobsandvagana69.sexy thanxx".
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    @PaperBag open bobs and vegana plz lasagna, n ad degital india free enternutz proxi fer fre pr0n in utube.dl gaais
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    @irene It just makes some of the real issues get buried and ignored. There are always more than 2000 open issues, and the maintainer can't keep up so he doesn't really look into each one. I've seen some perfectly fine issues get closed get closed because of that.
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