Save more ram

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    Smh all you've gotta do is download more RAM from my website, www.thisistotallynotbullshit.com
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    Why do people not have fucking 2G of RAM for a browser??! Wtf is wrong?

    I agree that a browser shouldn't need that much for a 10kb site but why has less than 2G of ram nowadays?
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    @b3b3 people that have no money to buy a better computer, or people that need to use heavy software
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    @ElizadeathRaven I have a dual core laptop with 2g of RAM myself. You turn it on and it blows air back into your face like a jet does. But it works and can handle chrome. I don't have much money either. But I still don't understand it tbh.

    But I agree that it sucks a lot if you have to do memory intensive stuff. But come on... 2G
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