Oh my god I love when you just have that "click" moment when you just understand EVERYTHING. I've been trying to understand how WordPress worked and found a great video series by Mr Digital on youtube and now understand the inner workings of WordPress instead of just the general aspect on how to install a theme or how to use a plugin.

People say there are tons of resources online but a very small amount of them actually work for most people. I just glad I understand it now.

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    link please
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    @Root found your alt
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    Does WordPress seem better when you understand the insides?
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    @BadFox I'm coming from laravel which is a developer friendly framework. WordPress is meant for idiots who don't know how to use web apps it's tolerable when you remember it will probably mean less hassle in the long run. It's not the most efficient or secure and it's very heavy but imo it's the best thing out there for consumers.

    Understanding it is just really nice because it makes my life a lot easier because I can developer faster
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    @iamroot personally, I'm somewhat agnostic as to what is used so long as it's efficient. WordPress doesn't really seem to fit the bill but for idiots... well, it might actually be more efficient.
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    @BadFox a lot of clients Kirk to have small things changed alot like "oh can you change this image or can you add this 1 word" and because it's a simple request you can't say no so it's a lot easier to just let them do it.
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    @toriyuno You found my wannabe. 😋
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