Does anyone really enjoy doing self-assessments?

I find them agonizingly painful to do. I'm not usually one to brag about my own accomplishments so this is unnatural to me. Yet, it seems to be the way of things.

If your manager and you don't know where you stand in each other's estimation you need to talk more.

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    Know the enemy to win a battle, know oneself to win a hundred battles... is it?
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    Brag about yourself to win the manager's admiration. At least that's what it feels like. The only times it feels useful is when both parties know what the issues are and they just need to decide how to address them.
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    @lucknlol Not sure I want to view the workplace via Sun Tzu...
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    @Pickman If you have to brag to win your manager's admiration then you are already behind the curve. Your manager should know what your value is to the company and your actions should remind them every single day.

    If this isn't happening then no amount of self-aggrandizement one a year/quarter/month is going to change it. In fact, you may come off as a jerk with a big ego who over-inflates is own worth to the company.

    My point is this: The self-evaluation is basically a management structure saying to its workers "we aren't paying attention to you and your accomplishments enough to know how you're doing".
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    @JustThat nope. It's just that I see my manager about every two or three weeks and he never read a single line of the code I write. Nice isn't it? He never even executed the application.
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    @Pickman In your case the self-evaluation may be the only way you have to provide your manager with insight on your job performance. That can't be a great feeling.
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    @JustThat It's not. I regret that situation and I appreciate his contribute to the project and how he supports me when he can but I still feel silly telling him what I did, how I performed and how things are going when our jobs are so apart and separated.
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