How difficult it is to get a female developer up to speed on taking interviews?

My Manager - Just grow a mustache!

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    @RememberMe - So, I am not allowed to take interviews in my company yet because they "think I am not ready"<since the last year>

    However, others who joined after me<even juniors> are ready and somehow apt for taking interviews!! Just because they have a mustache 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @therandomnumber I...see. That sounds bad, yeah.
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    That is some male ego I see there 😣
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    That's sexist bullshit. What's wrong with those kinds of people??
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    So do you want to code or interview people?
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    @norman70688 - I don't think this is because I don't like coding. I don't think "I should just be looking at coding" at my job. It is a tiny part of the overall job.

    And it's a little insulting when I see colleague's of mine doing something which I am more than qualified to do.

    Also, it is infuriating when you are not even given an opportunity in spite of asking point blank directly "that why the hell am I am not given the opportunity" in spite of being equally or even more qualified
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    @CoffeeNcode -

    You could just tell them - :P
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    @therandomnumber I am downloading that for later use. Thanks 😁
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    I see your location in profile. That explains everything. Good luck. Out.
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    @norman70688 - Hahaha 😂

    FYI - The entire Location isn't like this
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    Mustaches are freaking sweet. I love mine.

    You don't see many women with mustaches nowadays. You should really grow one tbh, it would show your company that you're willing to put just as much time and effort into a mustache as your male colleagues. Good luck!
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    Show them how good you are at interviewing elsewhere ;)
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    "You don't see many women with mustaches nowadays. "
    I consider that as positive phenomenon.

    "You should really grow one tbh"
    I consider that as negative phenomenon.
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    @norman70688 I thought you were out.
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    @confusedCoder I was, but then I saw this.
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