What's it like being part of the FOSS community?

Well here's the average comment section on everything related to FOSS anything...

"Why would you use that, I use XYZ and it's so much better"

"Have you tried ditching that proprietary shit and go in favour with X because it's built by developers for developers"

Guys... I get it, but have you ever considered that the whole point of FOSS is freedom? So you know, freedom of speech, choice and opinion?

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    Standard reply "make a pull request"
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    @jespersh I mean, I have a couple of repos and am part of an org with multiple repositories, sometimes there are just petty devs that come and ask for a feature like we owed them it. We do OSS soft and we do this besides our daily jobs and we don't necessarily have the time or want to implement something just because one person ask so, yeah, make a pr or at least help if you want something implemented especially if it's just a nice to have. Otherwise I'm happy to help - I even spent couple evenings on team viewer with a guy to make a tour of an android app I'm developing because he's a beginner and wanted to help on the development. Ask nicely and you'll be given, or at least answered accordingly, otherwise fuck off and look for another solution if you aren't able to value the fact I wrote an app I decided to share with you for free
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    @2lazy2debug that is my own standard comment to most people unless it is a really interesting feature or a bug.

    Currently working full time does mean not much fun with projects unless they relate to my work like https://github.com/ErikEJ/...
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