We had a closed beta today for a product I've worked on for the last 6 months. We've been working late nights for the last week to make sure we get all the kinks out and make sure our demo went smoothly.

After a bit of hyping via a power point presentation by my colleague, we finally start the demo and of course the login fails. Both the API and database were offline. The servers were on but we just couldn't reach the applications. My colleague stalls and I get to debugging.

We were standing in front of 50 people who were hyped-up on a product that was failing in front of them.

But after 10 minutes (felt like an hour) of hemming and hawing, the app just decides to start running again.

What in the actual fuck? Does this happen to anyone else? Coz it feels like it happens to me every time.

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    Pray to the demo gods next time
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    @alexbrooklyn No one sacrifices a chicken before demos these days. Did we learn nothing from SCSI termination?
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    I remember building a machine for a company to demo their product to one of our clients before running a POC. I had a big list of questions that I thought they should be asking. They asked some of them but not all. I even just sent them the answer before they asked, thinking that they shouldn't be leaving it that late.

    Long story short: 15 minutes into the demo to all of the heads of the large company, they call me on speakerphone in front of everyone to get their ip whitelisted.

    Side note:
    They also didn't let anyone from the client have access to their own platform during the POC before they had trained the person first. Seems to me like they have no confidence in how easy it is to use.
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    @alexbrooklyn Ahh this all makes sense now, we had mistakenly only sacrificed a goat to the /server/ gods. dammit. Next time, for sure.
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