Senior manager: I cant understand how this project has taken so long?
Me: Well you hired me as a C# WPF developer and then asked me to deliver an android app without any kind of training so i had to teach myself app development and reverse engineer the undocumented protocol it needs to use to communicate with our product.
Senior manager: Ok. I get that, but it should only take around 3 months to get up to speed though right?
Me (to myself): how in the hell? New platform, self teaching, undocumented protocol for a complex low level real-time system, other responsibilities taking at least 50% of my time and i should be as productive as an outsourced app dev company in 3 months???!! FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

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    The correct action to take in this situation would be:
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    "You hired a French-speaking author to write you a book in Japanese. This isn't a matter of me getting up to speed. This is how it looks when you fuck up."
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    @bahua This is what happens when managers don't know what they want. I guess I am partly to blame for not managing expectations better.
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    @bahua ^ a book about Brazillian underground culture
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    @madumlao from a perspective of a white elephant seal.
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