What a coincidence. JQuery gets an update to 3.4.0 - and I removed the JQuery dependency that a mid-sized widget (15 kB minified) needed.

Rewriting the selector, css and trim stuff was easy. Each, children, append, empty, remove and extend were not too hard. Animations gave me more headache, but in the end, JS triggered CSS transitions worked nicely.

I was able to shave off the usual 30 kB over the wire for JQuery, and the whole thing seems snappier. Finally, I'm at vanilla everything!

Of course, it's largely due to JQuery's merits that vanilla JS is where it is today. So, thank you JQuery, and farewell.

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    I would not thank jQuery for making creating too complex things in browser easier. Because of that we have all that overloaded with js sites.
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    @irene The alternative would have been IE having even more influence with MS' typical "embrace, extend, destroy" quirks, and accompanied by Flash. That's where we were heading to about 15 years ago.
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    jQuery gave animations and consistency between browsers.
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    Even though I don't use it anymore I still prefer many parts of the jquery api by far. It really has served us well and all the hate it gets these days is ridiculous.

    Just had a discussion with someone who complained about the size of jquery but doesnt optimize his images at all lol.
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    @musician Yeah, a lot of front end ninjas not only use huge pointless hero images - they even discovered distracting and bloated hero videos.

    In this case however, things are already heavily optimised. I was able to get the page load size down from 49 kB to 19 kB, so that's a lot. :-)
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