Yeeeeeeeee! My granddaughter yelled up to me, "Grandpa, I'm programming!" She was doing some kid code game thing. Ten years old. I can hope, can't I? 😁

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    There is hope indeed.
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    I started programming when I was 11, and at the time, I felt like I was siloed from the world in the sense that not very many people around me understood what I was learning or why, so I'm glad to see that younger kids are being motivated to learn to code 😊
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    Programming is the best gift you can give someone. Encourage her forever 😁
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    Make her stay away from degenerate web programming
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    I started in 7th grade 😊
    (Idk how old I was. Someone else can figure that out.)
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    @aviophile Aye. Encourage something lower level. like C.
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    @Root I am ok with using python to get a sense for programming, c/cpp is too low level that clouds general programming knowledge from starters.
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    @aviophile I kind of agree. I'm okay with people learning something higher level first, so long as they focus their attention on lower level afterwards. Qhy? If you only learn high-level, you will never be a good programmer. It will be nearly impossible for you to write efficient code because you don't know what the computer is actually doing.
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    You can see the future in her..

    Like Yoda would say:

    "Patience You Must Have : My Young Padawan"
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    @Root I agree, we “learned” programming with C but all we did was pushing green play button in IDE, pointers allocation vs was mindfuck and I truly learned those basic concepts after grad.
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    @aviophile I taught myself assembly two years before I took a C class. Certainly made things like pointers easier to understand. 😅 Structs were amazing! I had to do all of that manually in asm.
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    Great. Introduce her to Vim already. 😁
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    @aviophile speak for yourself. There was no green play button in 1984. 😉
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    @suprano I want to encourage her, not discourage her. 😉
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    Weirdly I started when I was 8-10 idk exactly. I have a good dad and had a great grandpa. I remember most of the time I was learning C (My first language and the one I use even today) and the rage. Now I'm 19 ffs and I still can't write good C code LOL.
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    @iAmNaN ahh, you're right. Haha
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