4 days without internet..

One of those, I'll just change ISP's time to save money with one costing 50% less than current one.

Phone support:

"Yes router was sent to you 3 weeks ago, and computer says internet is working.."

No router, internet not working..

4 days later, internet working.

No sign of router still.. (Though did get a SMS/TXT message to say it had been posted 3 days ago!)

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    Are you sure it wasnt stolen?
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    Is one of the possible reasons. :-)

    Things do take a long time to arrive here too..

    And sometimes get delivered to the wrong house, which if no one is there for months, can take a very long time until someone notices its not for them !
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    I suspect they were over welcomed with new customers, and was just a bit behind.

    Though I wish their computer system wasn't !
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    @Nanos I think the percentage of people not using their houses for months, is pretty narrow
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    Oh you'd be surprised here !

    Often folk will leave their house empty for half the year whilst they live elsewhere.

    Damn holiday homes, second homes..
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    So far from asking elsewhere, the changeover can be done remotely.

    So just a badly run business.. (Didn't used to be, but I guess you can't get the staff these days..)

    Which is something that concerns me if I want to start a business, where am I going to get the staff from..
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    Router arrived today, 4 weeks and 3 days after the order, so next time, factor in a month for delivery !
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