My coding style is extremely fundamental (I guess); meaning I have to write every piece of code myself and I don't like to use anything ready, which makes me very slow and costs the employer lots of money and time.
It's becoming very discouraging, but I just can't give it up!
Any ideas how to improve this situation?

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    Decide if your priority is to code or to solve problems. If you're doing this just for fun, then it's fine. If you have a problem to solve, then consciously choose to use 3rd party code - this way you can reach the goal faster.
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    If you need good crypto: Never program something from 0
    Contribs to active projects: only if you know what you make and better check 3 times than one to less(Heartbleed)
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    Look at the problem, think of the edge cases, the requirements, if it takes too long to implement, it’s so small inside the scope of the project and there are solutions that cover a big chunk of the task, probably it’s better to consider using them.
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    Part of the art of coding is knowing when to reuse existing code to achieve your goals. It's one of the foundations of good development. If you are continually recreating the wheel, then your value to an employer is diminished.
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    Take up a job as a JavaScript developer. You will have to use the jungle of npm modules.

    Bury your face deep into the bosom of madness.
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    Do you think that people would hire an architect that had to go chop down & process the wood first? Would you hire an artist that needs to go to the woods & mash matter for ink?
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    Kiss and reuse whatever you possibly can. Keep your wheel reinventing for your own projects. Employers don’t give a shit about you “personal ventures and motivations”. They care about bottom dollar and speed. Wake up and smell the shit that this capitalist based planet has in roasting for you
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