fuck yeah i'm a hacker.

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    Literally me every time I setup arch and type my first reboot....
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    I do it on a specific PC, because it tends to reboot if you click Shutdown in the Windows menu
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    "poweroff" is more badass 😎
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    Wait, why did this get posted the minute I felt cool for using sudo shutdown?!

    What kind of dark sorcery is this
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    Almost exclusively.
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    @Parzi Can I install linux on these?
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    When you hold the power button
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    @dudeking This photo is amazing. What is this? Looks like a still from a post-apocalyptic movie. I hope that this guy is homeless by choice and that he is just having a good time posting funny shit on devrant. Or that he is about to send off a resume that will get him a nice job. Or that he is hacking the shit out of some fucked up corporation. This photo makes me both hopeful and sad somehow.
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    @alexbrooklyn it's most likely yet another Z80-driven thing, basically a Gameboy with a smaller screen.

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