Follow-up on yesterday's rant.

Boss hired dev-ops team to restore data from the broken server image. They said it may be completely impossible. Which will probably make clients want to kill us considering it's an government agency.

I wonder how large the contractual penalties will be considering they are almost completely incapable of working without the system and it's going to be few days until anything will be fixed.

Oh well, since no one bothers me it seems it's currently not my problem and I'm free to code ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Data has been restored from burnt down HDD and all other crap so its surely possible !
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    @Haxk20 My thoughts exactly, but I don't have enough knowledge to fight against their "corrupted filesystem" arguments.
    To leave aside this topic, I find it kinda hillarious that boss will have to pay them for their DevOps work, me for bringing this whole system back to life (and then, hopefully, he'll also let me migrate it all to another server to avoid future problems), and also there will probably be some penalties to be paid.
    And all he had to do was let me kill faulty server earlier...
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    @Agred Haha, that'll cost him 😅 So it's off your shoulders now?
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    @ScriptCoded Probably only until DevOps Team will restore some data. Then it'll be my job to restore last working snapshot and merge, somehow, all new and old data (changes in database and new files).
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    @Agred Good luck with that then!
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    @ScriptCoded Thanks mate!
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    @Agred Corrupted filesystem is the one of the easiest things to fix. LOL those are surely experienced people.
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