installing visual studio & nuget & git integration
- nuget: WORKS
- templates: WORK
- framework: IS COMPLETE
- support for design patterns: UP TO DATE
-have a ide which is clear to be the ide to develop in microsoft/c# area, kept up to date, etc..

installing eclipse & maven
- try to find out which version suits you best in that open source jungle, install it
- install jdk
- play around with the eclipse settings to point it to jdk instead of jre
- google a settings.xml for maven
- fail do create a maven build, so the .mv directory is here, so you can
- place the settings there
- manually import some certs
- try if maven dependencies work
- google how to define running goals
- now define your running goals
- BUT as a reward, the git plugin just works without having to troubleshoot tomorrow too
- hope they wont update soon

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    Haven't messed with that, but isn't the setup of IntelliJ IDEA way easier?
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    🤔 but why ?
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    @kamen stupid easy. Puts eclipse to shame
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    Installing vs:

    -2 days later-

    Okay vs is installed now i can do the 2 minute task

    Installing eclipse:

    Eclipse for java se developers

    -5 minutes-
    Aite chief time to install the 3 plugins i always use and get 2 work
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