Some time ago I quit my job at a big corporation. Getting treated like a resource, a production line robot, just isn't for me.

My current job is way better. Small company, lots of freedom, getting to work on multiple projects, the result counts. But, as a small company, we also collaborate with big corporations. So I joined a team at one.

Watching my coworkers there, I'm reminded of robots again. Lunch break? 15 minutes tops. Just shovel some edibles into your face hole and back to work. Five minutes break between meetings? Open laptop, work work work. The concept of "needing rest" seems entirely foreign to them.

Yesterday our product owner "relayed some criticism" from other team members to me. Apparently, me going to the toilet in breaks is "suddenly disappearing". Or me not replying within 15 minutes in the chat is outrageous. And then he tried to berate me how I'm "his developer" and his team's tasks have top priority. So, according to the PO the problem is me and I should "get used to their mode of operation".

How about "no". I quit a fucking job because that "mode" is simply inhuman. After that feedback, you bet I'm taking my legally protected 30 minutes lunch break and any other break I can. Because fuck yourself, you're not going to burn me out. The best part, that team has smokers who "suddenly disappear" twice as much as I do, but apparently that's somehow a-ok.

I had to remind him that his project is just one of several I'm working on, so no, not "his dev". While that wasn't exactly a powerful comeback, it did shut him up. Still going to talk to my boss on Monday, at least to ensure that the PO can't talk shit about me behind my back.

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    Good idea talking to your boss, keep your ass covered
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    does this company have a fulltime hr human?
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    @heyheni yes, they also have a works committee. We, the small company, have neither.
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    Yeah I’d like to see what productive work can get done in 5 minutes between meetings...

    Lmao chat is asynchronous, why the fuck would he be mad if it took you longer than 15 mins? If anything needed a response that urgently they can walk over and talk to you directly.

    Like you said, take your breaks and tell him to fuck off.
    I once worked somewhere where the PO would try and organise a meeting at lunch to “plan” some random story that came up.
    I shut that shit down quickly. They’ll often try and manipulate you with shit like “be a team player”. Well, you’re being a team player by reminding them that devs are humans and need a fucking break so they can work in a healthy environment.
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