Legends -> I: Interviewer

I: what is mvc architecture

Me: model.. view.. controller... and blah blah

I: mvc is not an architecture.. its a design pattern.. architecture is blah blah

I: srry U r rejected.. god bless you

Me: 😥😢

after 1hr

Me: googled 'Is mvc a design pattern or architectural pattern'

Google: shows stack overflow link

Stackoverflow: mvc is architectural pattern blah blah... accepted answer

Me: hopeless about my future


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    Absolutely no reason to be rejected. Fuck them.
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    Rejected because of such nitpick? It's better that way.
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    MVC is for noovs anyways. I always use PVC. As long as you don't inhale the particle it's just fine. Though that can be pretty fun too actually.
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    @toriyuno this thing probably
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    That's a bit harsh? Eas that a developer asking you that? Obviously he feels insecure about his position
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    Are you sure you were rejected exactly because of that?
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    First... Learn your design pattern!!

    I haven't found a junior dev who does know the design pattern... So if he rejected you for that he's stupid...
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    I come to say: MVC means model, view and controller, yet the term had become so overloaded and there aren't consistent implemention of it anyway, that I frankly don't care about a framework claiming to be "MVC". I care about the separation of concerns.
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    did they actually reject because of that single reason?

    if they did, you dodged a bullet my friend
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    I suspect that they didn't reject you for that answer. That would be ridiculous.
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    A blessing in disguise
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    What's even the difference between "design architecture" and "design pattern"?
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    Probably just HR which doesn’t understand that being able to explain mvc to perfection isn’t essential for the job
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    @Fexell It’s difficult. ISO/IEC Standard 42010: The definition of software architecture is: “The fundamental properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design and evolution”.

    It’s complicated. Some say, architecture ist the more abstract design pattern. But where exactly the line is.. something about recursive de-composition..
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    @rosijanni I'm not asking for their definitions, but okay.
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    @Zerocchi I mean being a plumber looks like a better career move everyday
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