Legends -> I: Interviewer

I: what is mvc architecture

Me: model.. view.. controller... and blah blah

I: mvc is not an architecture.. its a design pattern.. architecture is blah blah

I: srry U r rejected.. god bless you

Me: 😥😢

after 1hr

Me: googled 'Is mvc a design pattern or architectural pattern'

Google: shows stack overflow link

Stackoverflow: mvc is architectural pattern blah blah... accepted answer

Me: hopeless about my future


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    Absolutely no reason to be rejected. Fuck them.
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    Rejected because of such nitpick? It's better that way.
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    MVC is for noovs anyways. I always use PVC. As long as you don't inhale the particle it's just fine. Though that can be pretty fun too actually.
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    @toriyuno this thing probably
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    That's a bit harsh? Eas that a developer asking you that? Obviously he feels insecure about his position
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    Are you sure you were rejected exactly because of that?
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    First... Learn your design pattern!!

    I haven't found a junior dev who does know the design pattern... So if he rejected you for that he's stupid...
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    I come to say: MVC means model, view and controller, yet the term had become so overloaded and there aren't consistent implemention of it anyway, that I frankly don't care about a framework claiming to be "MVC". I care about the separation of concerns.
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    did they actually reject because of that single reason?

    if they did, you dodged a bullet my friend
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    I suspect that they didn't reject you for that answer. That would be ridiculous.
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    A blessing in disguise
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    What's even the difference between "design architecture" and "design pattern"?
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    Probably just HR which doesn’t understand that being able to explain mvc to perfection isn’t essential for the job
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