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    ugh i remember those days. i got an ipod for christmas and my entire 50 gig music collection had been pirated from limewire and napster.
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    That would take an hour, maybe two.
    Depends on how much cleanup I could stop myself from doing.
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    oh my god challenge accepted motherfucker

    dude fucking let me at it i'm STOKED

    there'll be so much cleaning done it'll somehow be running Win2000

    i'd have so much fun with that shit dude
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    I actually have both my computers set to a clone of the classic Flying Toasters screensaver from After Dark. Dad used to have the full app on his System 6 laptop he was issued while working for NAVAIR back in the day.

    Sadly, while I’ve received a lot of questions about what said screensaver is, as of yet nobody has known it on their own.
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    Feel old yet?
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