IMHO: all the hate on Katie bouman is absolutely stupid. if you want to blame someone, blame the media for portraying her as the sole person on the project. She never once took credit only for herself and always mentions that it's a team effort. And what the fuck is so wrong that the focus is on the woman engineer anyways? If this was a man, no one would give a shit that he "didn't give credit to his team"

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    @iamavalos yeah, maybe it's not completely the incels and misogynists... it's mostly the media fucking it up for everyone
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    @mochiknees "Why not both?" But truth be told, when you see that certain media can't even call themselves "news" but only "entertainment", one should learn not to pay attention to them.
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    * walks away slowly *
    I don't know what you're talking about.
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    But with Zuckerberg, elon musk, steve jobs etc its ok
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    Katie who?
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    @Yamakuzure The face the media’s put to the person responsible for capturing the black hole photo.

    Unless that was sarcasm, in which case same answer but also “damn it, I used to be better at catching sarcasm”.
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    @AmyShackles Ah! I haven't seen any articles like that. But now you mentioned it, I remember that one scientist in one article said that the photo wouldn't have been possible without her, or something like that. It wasn't really explained.

    But then the articles I read were more technically inclined...
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    Apparently the news media people don't even know what a black hole is, or why finally taking a "photo" of one is even a big deal...
    All they ever talk about is "she developed an algorithm" that made it possible.
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