Enjoying the college life to the fullest was the mindset of the confident boy, who now burns the midnight oil to cope up with world and give himself a proud future.

Is this a story of some successful person, who has achieved a lot in his life?

No, it is the story of the guy who lost all his hopes of future after spending the very first month in his college.

The first month was enough to perceive the reality of the domain I got myself let into. It was enough for someone, who didn’t even knew what programming languages are, to realize how left behind is he from the people around him.

Being from a private college which hardly anyone recognizes, expecting them to prepare me to stand out lone would be foolishness. I took my first step and started learning my very first programming language , Python.

I met some people with similar interest .We discussed, we exchanged resources, we used to talk to seniors to guide us. And yes, we were guided.

There were many bad days. Days which made me regret about starting late. Many a times I myself confirmed me as useless and some other time people did. The good thing is I never stopped , and improved myself with each day.

And now, after spending more than a year in the same college, I look at the things I have learnt. Today I can develop decent websites, can train neural networks, can make me stand in good position in coding platforms.

All you need is to take a step.I may not be the best, but I am definitely better than what I was yesterday.

If you have started something, then concentrate on finishing it.

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    Not bad at story telling either :)
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    @webketje its my real life . :(
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    If you're still in college, take this piece of advice:
    1) Just basic coding can get you into service based industry, into companies like TCS, Wipro etc
    2) Some skills like Web Dev, App Dev can get you into a better job, say 1.5x the salary of the above mentioned companies.
    3) Skills with a sound understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP etc will get you into a decent product based company, probably with 2x the salary of companies mentioned in point 1.
    Do atleast this bit. You'd be proud of your decision.

    Now, better you are at DS, Algo the higher you'd start.
    4) To get into a really good company with a fat paycheck, 3x to 5x of the companies mentioned in point 1, master competitive programming, be good at DS and Algo... Like really really good at these two.

    Always remember, being in a not so good engineering college will deprive you with a lot of opportunities for the 4th category. So atleast prepare yourself for point 3. Once you're certain of 3, shoot for the stars (4)
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    @BugsBuggy Yes, Sir. Currently I am in my second year of B.Tech. I have done pretty good in this two years. I did learn web dev and ML. i got myself started with CP. Currently 3 star on codechef will be working on it as well in the coming months. Thank You so much for your , will be working hard on DS and Algo. :)
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