Anyone got fun assembly project ideas?

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    I wrote a tutorial about MIPS and it's the most viewed post of my blog ever since.
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    Always a fun idea:
    A programming game where you code contestants in assembly and pit them against one another.
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    @Root gah! That's an actual thing and I can't remember the name! You write a bot in assembly (arm I think?) And you're loaded at a random offset. Your goal is to find and overwrite the opponents code till last functioning program standing.

    Anybody remember what this is? I swear it's a thing and it's driving me nuts.
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    @deadPix3l I totally remember that, but I can't think of the name. I never played that one.

    The one I'm talking about was my introduction to assembly in 8th grade -- AT Robots (TA Robots?)
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    @Root oh this looks interesting. I wish I was introduced to assembly so early! Or really at all for that matter. Even in college the best I got was "x86 assembly is a thing. Nobody writes it anymore. People barely even read it anymore because decompilers have gotten decent. Just forget it even exists"

    Gee thanks. I use it frequently now. I guess I'm nobody :)
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    Do Tetris in ARM assembly. I warn you tho. Don't come crying here when you start doing it.
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    @Haxk20 Oof.
    That sounds like a challenge.
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