My 2nd breakfast. Snickers with vanilla latte.
Weather is shitty: wet, cold, windy. Everyone wants to hibernate like a bear.

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    A beacon of health!
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    @Elyz We're developers. Health and mental sanity are two things that we loose over time.

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    @IntrusionCM one can choose to cling to one and lose the other faster. Like me, went crazy years ago but at least I can run like hell and will live to be 100 😌
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    Do you want to switch places with me? I hate the weather in Australia. Always hot and sunny
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    @FuckJava no. I'm fine with everything not wanting to bite me.
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    It's just jellyfish, spiders and snakes. It's true platypus is venomous but you have to force it to sting you.
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