Do you think, that its a good idea, to add FP-features like Map,Filter,Reduce to Stack or Queue datastructures, in the way, that they pop all elements?

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    Reduce - maybe. Map and filter are not for stack. You will make stack not stack 🤔
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    So basically adding a future::stream like interface to them ? Makes sense to me
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    From what languages is this, because I never heard if it ?
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    Queue - maybe
    Stack - fuck no, you should never have to stream a stack
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    @metamourge from Rust, futures are the equivalent of JS promises. futures::Stream is a trait (basically an interface) for a future that will resolve multiple times
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    @ganjaman That's also what I felt, but on the other hand, I really ever use stacks, so I wasn't comfortable talking a position about them
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    @CptFox i use them a lot, interpreters rely heavily on them
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