Does anyone know why on i3wm always one of my cores is running at about 50%? On cinnamon it's fine, but on i3wm it's not.

CPU: i5 6600k @ 4.6GHz

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    Seems pretty odd,
    Have you tried searching for processes that use more cpu-power than usual.
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    Odd, usually i3 takes way less to keep it going.

    Check your config, you probably have a background program crashing and restarting in a loop. Maybe something used by i3bar isn't installed, etc.
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    Nvm seems like i3 blocks likes using one of my cores for some reason
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    @xugS6fz6A7P8cL5 oh. i3blocks != i3wm.

    If you have all the transparency enabled between windows, and no GPU set up properly, that's your culprit for sure.
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    @anon404 i3blocks was causing the issue
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    @irene not sure exactly what add-on
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