Programming is like guiding a passenger, who has never flown a plane before, to land a 747 from the ATC.

[The passanger is the computer/your application]

- You have no precise idea what to do, as you are doing this the first time.
- You can't see what's going on in the cockpit, just your radar info and the screams of the passenger though the radio.
- Something could be very wrong and you won't know about it, until the plane crashes and burns.
- You have to tell them every little thing to do, they can't do shit by themselves.
- If the plane crashes everyone will tell you it's your fault.
- Your supervisor tells you it should only take 5 minutes and hands you 3 more planes you need to save.

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    And then comes in the user...
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    I had the exact opposite feeling when I started programming...

    This fucking box of cards and wires will try to do EXACTLY what I tell it to do, no more, no less and won't bitch. Might not work, but damn, it tries to do my bidding. I was ready to find my secret lair under a volcano and begin plotting my takeover of the world
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    @martygeek That's when you have a small project.

    When you have multiple versions of libraries running at the same time, proprietary binary blobs everywhere, nothing is documented and you don't have time to understand how the codebase works, then you don't feel like you are in control.
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