If you ever wonder what will Facebook evolve into..

I've seen the future.

20 years from now, there will be 2 sensible people left who can have a civil conversation without trying to insult everyone else who disagrees with them.

Everyone else will be a right dick.

Don't let your social media platform degrade to this level, write better features to deal with abusive asses !

Ignore is a good feature..

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    No fucking way. Also your mom is a whore and your father smells of elderberries
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    FX [ Wonders where the 'ignore button' is.. ]

    You also want selective ignore, in case one area you want to ignore them, and in another you don't.

    And the option to peek at what they said, in case it might be useful sometime..

    One would also need to maintain the threading (If there was any..) with blanks..

    Not do a Facebook and ignore everyone else who comments on said persons thread..

    Let's make that an option too !

    I like options !
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    Not _everyone_ will be a right dick. Some will have to be left dicks, no? Otherwise, who would the right dicks have arguments with?

    But, yes, I agree. Devrant should not become Facebook.

    Hopefully, there will be enough cooler heads on here to just walk away from the trolls and agree to disagree without all the proselytizing and posturing.
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    I'm guessing Facebook will have an "I'm offended!" button so they can send police to the person's house and lock them up for making a joke, because it offends someone.
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    Explain the implications of having a left dick or a right dick. Pretty sure mine is in the center
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    @fuck2code hey dude, how are you? You back?
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    @c3ypt1c yup, i'm back and better than ever. Went through some tough shit irl and i had to take a break. Devrant wasn't appealing to my interests anymore. Still doesn't but peoole are nice here and there are discussions to be had that aren't about programming.
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    The other day someone said that if they was a different person they would be offended at my satire.

    Then someone agree with them !

    Note, neither person was actually either of the targetted satire group..

    I use the term satire to mean a slightly outlandish look at the real world from the point of view of humour.

    Of course, I can't repeat what I said there here, for fear of the 1984 folk breathing down my neck.

    I thought it was as tame as you could possibly get, whilst still putting the point over in a gentle manner.

    But no, you aren't allowed to put over the point in any way at all, it is simply not allowed to disagree with groupthink.

    And so, one of the last bastions of debate, I do so worry things will end up that way one day.

    Meanwhile, let me dig a suitable hole we can all hide under our rocks in..
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    They say with age you can start to point to the right.

    I wonder if its anything to do with which hand you use..

    Reasons to be ambidextrous number 34..
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    @c3ypt1c BTW I sent you a friend request on discord
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    @fuck2code oh shit, got it! :)
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    @Nanos i can't really understand what you're trying to say here. I'm kinda slow, bear with me.
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    How do you avoid creating an echo chamber where nobody hears views outside their comfort zone?
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    Good point.

    Is why I like to join some groups with differing views to mine, so mine can be challenged and I can correct them if I consider the other person offers enough evidence to indicate they are incorrect.
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    @Nanos Which hand you use for what, exactly? 😉
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    I use my left hand in the morning, and my right hand in the afternoon, then I don't get RSI issues.

    Except with the keyboard, then I use both !

    Though I would like a left handed number keypad..
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    @Nanos I can honestly say I've never seen a left-handed keyboard.

    Does that actually exist or it is photoshopped?
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    Mind you, for me, the arrow keys on that would be on the wrong side, I want them on the right !

    But the numbers on the left..

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