I just hate my project manager ! :(

my project manager asked me to create the new UI for a running angular project and been given 2 weeks to do so.

I started working on it 2 weeks ago but he kept asking me to work on changes asked by clients on other projects during those 2 weeks and I did as he wanted. I informed him that our new UI is delaying because of these rapid changes and he replied "Its ok ! The deadline shall be changed. I will manage it. At this time, these fixes are much more important."

I said "Alright" at that time.

But Today He is saying I need to deliver the Version 2 UI and all integration by Friday.

I told him "I already told you that our project is delaying so you need to assign other resources on changes for other projects and let me finish the UI for version 2 for t that project. "

On this he got furious and asked me to do it no matter what by the Friday.

I don't know what should I do?

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    Thought I commented on this already..
    Go higher up
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    Always get email confirmation.
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    Never work unless you get email confirmation, and if you use Jira/Asana...etc show them to upper management, tell them that PM kept assigning these to me and now I cannot meet the deadline
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    ask for a company meeting about communication problems and make it long so everybody will miss deadline included your boss
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