I have the worst hobby. It is web and app development.

The Web development environment seems to be the sum of technologies that do not really have a central point. Because of this, web developers today seem to be using different technologies and not understanding each other. It's really funny. Soon they make a framework full of shit dependencies and say, "Look! This is a miracle!" I may be able to talk for hours on my head with a fucking dependency.

See a shit library that distributes with dockhub, pip, npm. The library refers to another library. WTF? I felt a lot when creating chrome extensions that can not use nodejs. This is annoying to extract purely without nodejs. It is not a pure library. It's just a good example of a dependency chain.

I realized that I was happy to do programming using only JavaScript. It is enough to provide a programmatic puzzle and to feel the joy of solving. It's a pure pleasure that can not be felt by packaging management and version control. But I think I have removed that joy with Eslint.

Yes, I am tired of constant learning about similar functions of web development.

Fuck that shit

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    I feel you. I just got out of 6 months of pure heavy JavaScript development and now I need to fix and support an 5 year old php codebase with tons of dependencys. I want to go back :P, sometimes and can be fun though
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