I've just managed to add the ability to call functions to my compiler. Currently, the capabilities are rather limited but I am pleased with it.
It keeps the schematics of the source code well enough that it can handle
recursive calls.
On the Image, you can see the program's output (left), the generated x86_64 assembly, and the source code of the compiled program (bottom).

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    oooh is it open source? can u post the link? 😁😁
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    It is on my GitHub, but beware it has no proper documentation so you're on your own.


    If you want to compile it - it only uses the standard library, the input file must be called test.txt(unless you change main.cpp), the output assembly file is a.asm, it will try to compile and link it, but that only works if you have nasam and ld installed. When you open the log file in your Browser you can click the grey headings to see the messages. Creates assembly for 64bit x86_64 linux machines.
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    @Batburger ok thanks a lot 😁😁
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    @Batburger thanks for this 😂😂😂😂
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    You'll find wierd stuff 😂
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    @Batburger i look forward to it 😂😂
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