Everybody will like this 😎

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    I need this!
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    Be careful what you wish for. “We bought you these chairs and now you don’t need to go home or stand up”

    The only thing missing is a built in latrine
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    I had one of these in my home office for a number of years. It's a very good way to take long work calls.
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    @duckWit this is good for a fast power nap instead of the usual coffee
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    Who else expected to see "BuT CaN YoU Do tHiS" PewDiePie reference? Because I sure did. I guess that's a good sign.
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    I wish I had room for it..

    As it is, I had to hacksaw the end of my bed off to be able to fit a chair between it and the desk..

    I'd also like one of these:


    > Zero G Reclining Computer Workstation


    > Reclining Workstation with 65" Monitor
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    Why would you hold your arms like that when lying sown?
    That looks highly uncomfortable.
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    @theMaintainer for some people this might be comfortable. When I sleep some people would call my arm positions uncomfortable also 😄
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    @Devnergy link please.
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    I have the same thing, with a "gamer" chair...
    I doubt it goes well with the shirt'n'tie though.
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