Is it good idea to dive into Flutter/Dart or using Kotlin for mobile apps?

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    personally prefer kotlin
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    if you wanna do iOS dev (as implied by the tags), you can forget Kotlin

    for Android though... idk, i personally still use Java there, the Android framework is kinda awkward to use with Kotlin imo

    haven't tried Flutter, though I've looked at a couple of their examples and didn't exactly like it, but i might give it a try at some point
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    Flutter is amazing.

    That being said, last time I used it (a week after release), it was still missing some native features like camera support. That has probably been fixed though
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    @Krokoklemme There is a beta of Kotlin Native, that also supports compiling to iOS apps, have not tried it tbh as I don't give a shit about this nonsense, true saves time writing, but good luck supporting platform specific features ...
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    Cross-Platform dev is not mature yet.. and I find it more away to be a stable for important App using
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    It depends on what you want to create. If it requires complex stuff, definitely stick with Android and iOS, though for simple apps fetching data etc., Flutter is REALLY nice.
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    I know it's not the question but we use Xamarin. Business Logic is shared. UI is platform specific. It's a good trade-off.
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    What do you work in usually broooooo. If your doing web apps like 80% of us then use react/vue/angular native. Then watch a know, you’ll have an expertise over an architecture that will do it all. I’ve looked for dart jobs on indeed, I think there might be two in all the USA. I kid but seriously, protect yourself in this market and use the tried and true
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    @gitpush yeah, ik but i wouldn't really recommend Kotlin/Native to anyone as of now as it's still highly experimental
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