1) The bottle is brought for free
2) The waiter, tearing up, asks you to pay for it.
3) You decline
4) He says "ok" and walks away
5) Brings another bottle as soon as you ask for it expecting you pay again

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    Brings another bottle with new icon.
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    compress me at 98% fam
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    Can someone plz explain this...
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    @xkill winrar is paid but is let's you not pay for it
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    I bought a WinRAR licence. First, I use the program a lot, and second, there is no "copy protection" bullshit that would trip me up.

    On the other hand, I don't buy programs that have strong "copy protection" because that works as "buying protection" with me. Yes, that means "no gaming, thanks".
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    @xkill it's just a miscategorized meme
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    @Fast-Nop isn't that what gog is for
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    @dudeking oh... I never used WinRAR actually. Ark does a pretty good job I guess. Never needed anything else.
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    There's a better beer called 7zip though, it's completely free and comes with a free recipe so you can brew it yourself at home, even in a brewery with dirty Windows.

    Pigz is an even more delicious light brew (from the gzip family of breweries), it allows you to drink multiple streams of beer in parallel. Oh, and if you are a real connoisseur of fine beers, try plzip which makes to streams slightly more viscous but allows you to drink about 4.4 times the amount of beer in one session.
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    @bittersweet xz allows for a hell of a lot more total beer, but you only get to drink it super slowly.
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    @Parzi Another option of course is drinking your cognac pure by adding another 64TB to your storage array to store your collection of homemade 4K/60fps deepthroating dwarf puke porn.

    But hey, to each his own.
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    @bittersweet Winrar is like Apple. They became first in the field and made it accessible, and that's why they are popular, even though there are less popular, but better alternatives
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    But after the first cup, you stay a little drunk and begins to leak information
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    What is actually licensed in WinRAR is the compression algorithm, the rest is free to use, the decompression algorithm is also open source the license says that it cannot be used to reverse engineer the compression mechanics.
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